Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Raspberry Tart

For Fathers Day dessert we had the most amazing fruit tart that I've ever tasted and since then I have been craving more. None of the markets close to me carry anything close to a fruit tart though. Makes me quite sad.
Saturday we had to make a rather sudden and rushed trip downtown and it took us past this place.
And they had these!
It's a a custard creme tart with raspberries and pistachios. Isn't it lovely! It wasn't quite what I was looking for but it was good. The raspberries were huge and oh so sweet.
I think they used regular pie crust dough instead of a pate brisee because it was rather tough but my overall impression was quite good.
Me being me, I'm loving the adorable container they put it in as well. Doesn't it look like a delicious flower?
They made a drool worthy iced chai too. I can't wait to go back and sample some of their other creations as well.